December Distilled: The Plant Room

| Nov 24, 2018

Words by: Zosia Berkieta-Lewis | Photos by: Helena Dolby

Zosia Berkieta-Lewis is founder of The Plant Room, a botanical design studio in Leeds. Wilma asked Zosia to distil December to her essentials, which involves fires and foraging and ritual wreath-making. If that isn't gorgeous enough, we wrap up with an edit of well-crafted gift ideas that are perfect for nature lovers.

All I want for Christmas is…

That beautiful downtime when everything stops and I can be enveloped by my family. I absolutely love this time of year but it can leave me a little spent when Christmas arrives. When everything is done I take this time to pause and realign.

My festive traditions include…

One inherited tradition that marks the start of the festive season is wreath making. I remember as a child gathering round the kitchen table with my Mama and her female friends chatting, snipping and tying foraged and collected bits. Even now as a botanical designer, I still enjoy the familiarity of this tradition. I make so many wreaths throughout the month but I still want to gather with my daughters and make our homestead door wreath. This usually happens after a long foraging walk in our local woodland but to be honest, the girls quickly give up and head in to watch a Christmas film!

This year I’m getting everyone…

Gifts made by friends, independents and bought locally. I think it is so important that we support each other and the flourishing independent scenes that are popping up in cities and small towns across the country. We can take these unique shops and makers for granted sometimes and expect them to continue adding this unique element to our high streets in the most competitive and difficult climate. This can only happen with our continued support.

December is a time when…

We close the curtains, light the fires and gather. This month flies by and is marked with a continual countdown so there is no time to reflect. It is also a great excuse for impromptu gatherings and meet ups.

My one December essential is…

Scent. I have had the amazing opportunity to work with Sheffield-based scent maker Lesley, from Essence and Alchemy. The collaborative Herbology scent she made for us for a project space we created last December is so divine I can’t be without it. Scent is so important and can change the feeling of a space.

An early 2019 resolution is…

It’s knowing that as a seasonal worker January is quiet, dark and cold. I will be accepting the dark and allowing myself to hibernate to replenish for the forthcoming year ahead. We have so many exciting collaborations taking place, including the LAND second edition in May. We also continue to run our Nudes and Plants illustration series with our favourite illustrators from around the world.

The Plant Room’s studio shop is open Thursday – Friday on Aire Street, Leeds; selling plants, ceramics, prints, cut florals and dried bunches
You can also buy prints from its Nudes and Plants series at The Archipelago Press


Have a Plant Room Christmas