December Distilled: Sara Berman

| Nov 24, 2018

Words by: Sara Berman | Photos by: Anjana Janardhan

Wilma asks artist Sara Berman to distil December to her essentials, which includes snug woollens, crisp winter walks and the therapeutic effects of copper to get through the season. Where do we sign up?

All I want for Christmas is…

A loom. But if Santa can’t get it down the chimney I would ask for a night in Soho House for all of London’s homeless. And if Soho House aren’t massively keen on that then I would settle for a trip to the Atlas Mountains to source rugs for myself.

My festive traditions include…

Staying with my brother and sister in law in their lovely family home in the country. Her mum is an incredible cook and we eat ridiculous amounts, do incredibly complicated puzzles and pretend to read when we’re really asleep on the sofa. We always do a traditional walk, which means setting off with lots of apparent enthusiasm before doubling back and leaving them to it.

This year I’m getting everyone…

A Liferocks Copper Bottle with Vibrational Crystal Pod. The EMF Shield version protects against all the nasty toxins I roll in at the studio. It’s the best present ever as it also protects against phone and computer waves and makes me drink loads without accumulating plastic bottles. Everyone I love will get this from me.

December is a time when…

I go into hibernation. My pace of work changes as the season deepens and I find it takes most of my energy with it. It is also such a busy time socially that I can’t keep up and actually end up doing less. I have a really interesting project coming up with the charity Hospital Rooms at the beginning of next year, so I’m enjoying investigating that and letting my work evolve as I prepare for it.

My one December essential is…

A blanket from SEH Kelly. Everything they make uses the most incredible British manufacturing and the attention to detail is a joy. Less fashion, more crafted object.

Early contenders for my 2019 resolutions…

– Stop eating with painty fingers
– Do yoga (again)
– Drink a spoon of apple cider vinegar first thing every morning (again)
– Remember to put arrangements in my diary when I make them and pay attention to diary alerts


Have a very Berman Christmas

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